Records, Shirts, and Prints OH MY!!!

Records Let’s just bask in this for a second… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed my umpteen social media posts about it, the vinyl has arrived! And I don’t mind saying, it’s AMAZING. I was absolutely floored by how well the pressing plant did – the vinyl is thick, sounds amazing; the packaging is great and looks exactly… Read more →

My Problem With Editing Myself

Quick bit of history before I get to it: In 2005 I left Dynamite Boy. I had expended all the energy I could dealing with the “business” side of the music business and was ready to start a family, a steady job making real money, etc… To be honest, it was definitely a “go out on top” moment for us;… Read more →

The WAIT….

I haven’t posted an update in a while, and that’s mainly due to the WAIT. However, there’s enough stuff to cobble together a pretty meaty update, so here we go! Test Pressings! In the very beginning of December I received the test pressings of the vinyl: I ordered 14 of them, and listened through every single one (the object here… Read more →

From Unknown is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

That’s right, if you weren’t lucky enough to back the crowdsourcing campaign last year and get your digital copy early, you can NOW go get your copy of my debut solo effort, From Unknown, on my bandcamp pageĀ (if you’ve never heard of/used it before – no big deal – no account needed; just buy it and download the mp3 or… Read more →

Fingergun Records!

Introducing Fingergun Records! In 2007, 2 years after I left Dynamite Boy, I first conceived the idea of writing and recording an album by myself. I had a wild plan that had my own selfishness at its heart (like all of my best plans). I realized that I know a lot of great songwriters and singers and players, and would… Read more →

Vinyl Masters Accepted At Rainbo!

Quick update – Rainbo Records (the plant that will be pressing the vinyl version of From Unknown) has accepted the deposit and the masters! Next up – test pressings! I ordered 14, and may give one or two away!   Read more →

Hey Kickstarters, Check Your Inbox!

Mastered! On Wednesday, Nov. 4th I went to RFI Studios here in Seattle with Geoff (the fine gentleman that mixed the record) and Ed Brooks (mastering engineer at RFI). As I mentioned here when I left that day I had 2 things with me – a reference CD for me to listen to and approve that I was good with… Read more →

How I Reacted To Hearing The First Mixes

As my last post outlined, files were handed off for mixing a couple weeks ago and Geoff began his black magic-like process of reaching into the chests of these songs, massaging the hearts, and artfully displaying them out on the table for us all to absorb. AKA “mixing.” It truly is an artistic interpretation of how the song was written,… Read more →

That’s a Wrap (On Recording)!!!

Art is never finished, only abandoned. – Leonardo da Vinci After spending more time than I’m willing to admit, I ended the recording phase of the album today. It ended not with a whimper or a growl. Not with a tear or a celebration. It ended with me pouring warm saline water through my sinuses with a neti pot and… Read more →