Month: June 2014

Shooting Stars and Set-Up

On Saturday I began putting everything together to figure out what cables I was missing and try to start putting down scratch tracks. This also involved setting up the guerrilla tracking station in my apartment on my new workstation (AKA the kitchen table, which has been requisitioned for this new purpose). I sprung for some Mogami gold cables for the… Read more →

The Eagles Have Landed

These will be my main microphones for the album. Largest purchase of the lot. I’m not going to say much but HOORAY!!!! Seems like the API mic preamps will be in next Wednesday, so I believe I’ll be laying scratch tracks next weekend! Of course, I have to thank all the Kickstarter backers again, it all wouldn’t be possible without… Read more →

Please Don’t Make Me Go Out There

Let me start this by saying that it may or may not be a known fact that I have paralyzing stage fright. Most folks are really surprised when they hear that, and usually respond with the normal, “But you don’t look like it when you’re up there,” or “I couldn’t tell at all.” But I do. I don’t know where… Read more →

Meet Scarlett

Today I replaced my Mbox 2 with a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. It’s fancy! What does it do? Basically, it takes the ANALOG sounds coming from the microphone and turns them into a DIGITAL signal that Logic Pro (my recording software) can understand. So it makes sounds into 1’s and 0’s. Getting closer! I’m currently awaiting my microphones and the preamps.… Read more →

Songwriting: The 500 Pound Gorilla That Evolves By Kicking My Ass

The best thing I can possibly say about songwriting (for me, that is…) is that it’s saved my life. Truly and completely. It’s also been, at times, the most painful thing I could ever imagine one person putting themselves through. Sometimes, listening to old songs you wrote is painful on multiple levels, from the goofy choices of melody you decided… Read more →

First pieces of gear arrive!

Hello there! Today I received the first few pieces of recording gear I ordered (this is the small stuff btw – about to spend $3k today on microphones and preamps!!!) Thought I’d share some pics:   Read more →

Recording diary is up and running!

As I promised, here it is! A new blog to track along the process of recording my album (funded via Kickstarter on May 22nd), and I assure you it will be a hoot. If nothing else, you’ll get to be a part of the following: Vicariously spending the money I raised on crazy expensive microphones and preamps Listening to raw… Read more →