Month: August 2014

Just a Quickie!

Though I have Cannon this weekend, I dropped in yesterday at work at was able to track guitar for another song while he played XBOX. I’ll be spending all Monday there, so this was just a bonus! I think I set up the room way better too. Read more →

Mission Control Conf-Blue

Howdy everyone! One of my biggest fears when I left my last job was that I was going to have to go to my last resort (recording in my apartment) as my first choice. The audio director had let me know he was cool with me using the audio studio room to record whatever I needed to for the album.… Read more →

Quick Visit!

My friend Geoff stopped by last night to look at my rig, listen to some of my guitar sessions I’ve captured this far, and advise me where he could. Basically he helped me focus in on what I’m trying to do with this recording and really made me feel like my ears work fine. 🙂 Geoff is a very accomplished… Read more →

Aaaaaand… GO!

Tracking started last weekend. Well, I say “started” but a lot of it got thrown out as I’m experimenting with microphone placement and rethinking some of the song styles and structures. Speaking of microphone placement, here’s the Blumlein Pairing:   And here’s a few other shots I nabbed while setting up and starting:   Read more →