Fingergun Records!

Fingergun Records

Introducing Fingergun Records!

In 2007, 2 years after I left Dynamite Boy, I first conceived the idea of writing and recording an album by myself. I had a wild plan that had my own selfishness at its heart (like all of my best plans). I realized that I know a lot of great songwriters and singers and players, and would love to own more music by them! So I had formulated this scheme: get the gear to record my own album; record it and release it as the first release on my own label, continue to record and release stuff for my friends, all the time learning how to become better at writing and recording. The most driving factor is the idea of documenting what my incredibly talented friends do, for them, for me, and for posterity.

So From Unknown is done and is coming out as the first release on this new label. Fingergun Records! FGR 001 was the catalog number I had to give to the pressing plant. Which in itself is kind of exciting – the concept that there is a catalog number for my own album.

How Will It Work?

Simply put, I am not looking to start a label as my career. I want to curate the sounds that I love for myself (and others) to enjoy. That’s really it. Ideally, it will be somewhat self-sufficient. Low overhead (no studio time, deciding how best to release the material) will make that easier. But one thing I do want is consistency. Not only in the recording process, but visually. Therefore, I am partnering up with my buddy Monte in the label. He will be providing the visuals to match the music – from artwork  and logos to direction on platforms and formats. We both come from pretty similar musical backgrounds (which we geek out over during out bi-weekly “Vinyl and Vittles” lunchtime records-and-food hunts). So as an artist, all my friends have to do is show up and record with me and we’ll talk about and agree what the end goal is for each project.

Where Does The Name Come From?

I heard a story from a good friend recently about a conversation she had with her teenage daughter. Her daughter mentioned that something happened at school that she wanted to talk about with another party involved, but that it was uncomfortable and wasn’t sure how to do it. The advice my friend gave her was that a great way to get a point across in a difficult conversation but still lighten it enough to not make it impossible and rife with anxiety was to just occasionally use some finger guns (like where you make a gun with both of your hands and say “bang bang”). Makes hard conversations easier! And I realized, holy shit… that’s kind of what I do with my songs. I have harder conversations in an easier way for myself.

A few days after the conversation, we were talking about label names (I had explained the ideas above) and she just said, ” What about Fingergun Records?”

BRILLIANT. And I looked it up and nailed down the Twitter, the Facebook page, the Web URL… it was all available.

Thus, ’twas born Fingergun Records! Long live the music!

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