Hey Kickstarters, Check Your Inbox!


On Wednesday, Nov. 4th I went to RFI Studios here in Seattle with Geoff (the fine gentleman that mixed the record) and Ed Brooks (mastering engineer at RFI). As I mentioned here when I left that day I had 2 things with me – a reference CD for me to listen to and approve that I was good with the masters, and the digital wav files of all the tracks for me to upload and distribute to iTunes, Amazon Music, etc….

So as promised, today I have sent out (to my Kickstarter backers) codes for each of them to download their early release digital copy from a website called Bandcamp (the redemption link is https://seanneil.bandcamp.com/yum). Once there they can enter the unique code sent to them in the email, download whatever quality version they prefer, and begin to enjoy the fruits of my labor for the last year and something.

What about the rest of us?!

Everyone else will be able to do an early bird purchase through Bandcamp on Tuesday, December 1st! During that period you will be able to purchase the digital only album for a mere $8! On December 8th the album will be released on all those crazy digital stores – iTunes, Amazon Music, Google music, Target music, etc., etc., ad nauseam, though for the $10 price. The Bandcamp price will stay at $8.

What about the vinyl?

Vinyl production will take upwards of 16 weeks to get full jacket pressing and proof approval, test pressings and approvals, and final production pressing. The vinyl version will also come with a digital copy of the album, but unless you are interested in waiting 4-5 months, you’d be better off picking up a digital copy now, then when you get the vinyl you can give a friend that digital copy! See how awesome this all works out?!

What about my other Kickstarter rewards?

There are lots of other goodies coming as well. T-shirts and poster art will be created after the vinyl jacket and label art are finished and handed off to the vinyl pressing plant. Once they are printed, I will probably hold them back until the vinyl is done so I can do one package per person since postage will be an utter bitch. There are a few guitars to go out, those will also go out along with the other physical rewards. There are some songs to be recorded as well! I will be reaching out to those backers to get final song choices and will be recording them between now and Christmas. Those will be delivered as they are completed to each person.

Will there be a release show?

Once the vinyl is complete, I will be having 2 release shows: one in Seattle, and one in Austin. My plan is to invite all the Kickstarter backers to attend for free to pick up their  goods (also cutting down on those crappy shipping costs). No details as of yet, but of course I’ll be promoting the shit out of it when I get them booked. I will also say there won’t be many opportunities to see me play these songs live, so I’d love to see everyone there.

Anything else?

I’ve got one other announcement that I’m going to hold off on until I get more details in place. Suffice to say, it’s pretty cool.


That’s it! I look forward to hearing what you think about the record and thank you to all of you for supporting me so much and for so long. I truly love you all to pieces.

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