From Unknown is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

That’s right, if you weren’t lucky enough to back the crowdsourcing campaign last year and get your digital copy early, you can NOW go get your copy of my debut solo effort, From Unknown, on my bandcamp page (if you’ve never heard of/used it before – no big deal – no account needed; just buy it and download the mp3 or wav version and put it into your music library)!

What’s more, it will release in the next few weeks on iTunes and Amazon music and all those places, but you can get it for only $8 (or more, if you feel generous) on the bandcamp page (as opposed to $9.99 on all those other sites). I have gotten a few questions about it, so I’ll let you know now, it won’t be on Spotify (for a while at least), so streaming it won’t really be an option right now. It’s cheap. It’s easy. I worked hard on it. You’ll love it. Promise.

Click this image to go directly there and buy it now!


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