The WAIT….

I haven’t posted an update in a while, and that’s mainly due to the WAIT. However, there’s enough stuff to cobble together a pretty meaty update, so here we go!

Test Pressings!

In the very beginning of December I received the test pressings of the vinyl:

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

I ordered 14 of them, and listened through every single one (the object here is to ensure that the cutting of the lacquers is accurate; that the record will sound how it’s supposed to BEFORE they press 500 of them). I can’t really describe the first time listening through the first one. I had a friend with me, and I’m really glad of that because I’m pretty sure I would have been a blubbering mess the whole time if not. Hearing these songs finally on an analog format just seems SO REAL. I can’t explain it better than that. Suffice to say, I was happy with them and gave my thumbs up a week or two later after multiple listens to multiple copies.

Cover Art Proofs

After getting the test pressings, Monte and I knew we needed to nail down the artwork and get approvals on that (thinking naively that WE would hold up the process); so we sent it off and got digital proofs back in PDF format. I freaked out a little when I looked on my phone, because the colors were all off! Instead of looking like a sepia toned sleeve, it was way more rusty reddish. Then I looked on my computer but there it looked fine. Monte pointed out that the system that color displays on the phone is different, and that the weren’t seeing the real look on there. But we both were a bit nervous, so I requested a physical proof from them (which they gladly obliged) printed on the actual printer that would be used to print the sleeves. A few days later that arrived and it was PERFECT. I’ve posted the cover art previously, so I won’t repost it here, and I don’t want to spoil the back sleeve art or layout, so you’ll see it when you get it!

When Do You Get Yours?!

So after giving approval on the art in the beginning of January, I assumed my wait would be short – after all, the pressings were done, the art was done, it’s ready, right?!


Due to the OVERWHELMING resurgence in popularity of vinyl, there is a wait at every plant that presses records. Some aren’t taking on new customers AT ALL. Some have a lengthy wait. I am currently in queue to go to press on May 20th. So about 6 months after the test pressings were sent out. Not too bad, but almost 2 years after the kickstarter ended. JEEBUS this takes a long time to do on your own.

Kickstarter Rewards

So far the only delivery of kickstarter rewards has been the digital copy of the album and the live show.

Other rewards and their status:

T-shirts and Posters and Picks

I need to get artwork (the poster and shirt will share art) done with Monte then price out the screen printing of these. I have guitar picks ready to be mailed/delivered with the records/shirts/posters


I have started tracking the requested songs for the 6 folks that bought those – there’s some gems in there!


The guitars will be mailed out from Austin (where they currently are) when I go down for the release show for the kickstarter backers (the WHAT?!?!)

Exclusive Kickstarter Backer Shows

While trying to think of a good way to deliver stuff, I thought of a fun solution! I will be playing 2 shows – one in Seattle, one in Austin, that I will bring Kickstarter rewards (vinyl, shirts, posters, guitars, picks, all that…) to and you can pick them up! I don’t know where (though expect a houseshow – I’m a bit over playing in clubs with this music, more on that later), or exactly when, but odds are good mid to late-June (once again, dependent on delivery of the vinyl from Rainbo). The show will be free and secret – only will be released to kickstarter backers. If you can’t make it, I may make house calls to deliver stuff too. 🙂

What’s Next?

I am about 7 songs into the next record already (in various states of completion, mind you); and will begin recording those as soon as I have all the kickstarter songs delivered. I have also been working with the great Stella Maxwell on some songs – so there may be a little treat coming before my next full length. I’m also tirelessly trying to get Fingergun organized enough to get the site up and running – it’s all a LOT of stuff. No rest for the wicked.

Also, I’ve started on yet ANOTHER project. I will be publishing a book of lyrics, writing, poetry, and some of my polaroid photography. No details yet, except that I have a LOT of pages typed up already. More coming soon on that (and maybe a kickstarter to make it nice?)

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