Records, Shirts, and Prints OH MY!!!


Let’s just bask in this for a second…

IMG_0132IMG_0138 IMG_0133 IMG_0143Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed my umpteen social media posts about it, the vinyl has arrived! And I don’t mind saying, it’s AMAZING. I was absolutely floored by how well the pressing plant did – the vinyl is thick, sounds amazing; the packaging is great and looks exactly as I hoped. Of course, I had to get them all home from work:


That was one full car with 500 records in it.

After stuffing digital codes into all the sleeves (yes, backers will all get ANOTHER digital download code to use for yourself or give to a special someone) I set up a account to start preparing shipping. Also, it was time to talk about 3 other rewards.


Been working on pressing out these and stamping them with a custom stamp I had made



Only my beloved Kickstarter backers (that backed at the appropriate reward tiers) will receive these amazing t-shirts. I have to admit, it was really difficult to not feel like an extremely narcissistic person printing my name huge across someone’s chest (this was actually discussed early on when I was deciding if I should just use a band name instead of my name, specifically because I knew this would be hard for me.)

However, they look amazing. Monte is working up a great post regarding the design around all the art he did for this project, and I liked that he chose to do something OTHER than the album cover for the shirt. My wonderful friends at Industry in Austin are printing them for me (we go back to early Dynamite Boy days together) and I expect to be in tears by this time next week when I will more than likely have them in in hand. Here’s the proof they sent me for approval (click to view larger):

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.46.17 PM

Fine. Original. Songcraft.

Monte makes me feel epic sometimes.


In keeping with tradition, I choose the path of most resistance for most things. As such, I also end up pouring my heart and soul into the things I create. So it only made sense that instead of just making artwork available to be screen printed as prints, Monte and I decided to block print the artwork ourselves. By hand. We will have to carve the blocks, then roll ink on and print them on a 12×12 paper that will be inserted into the record sleeves before they are mailed out. Each one of these prints will be unique – no two will be the same. Monte and I will sign them and you will love them, I promise.

Personal Songs

This only applies to a few people, but I thought it’s too good not to share. I will be tracking over the next month or so cover songs for people who backed for that reward tier. While the songs will only be given to those people, I thought you’d get a kick out of some of the songs chosen:

  • “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys
  • “Balboa” by Cruiserweight
  • “Thirteen” by Big Star
  • “Something I Can Never Have” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “Charmed” and “Suspended Animation” by Dynamite Boy

Oh boy. There’s going to be some interesting versions.

Plans for Delivery

I have started to mail out the first batch (the $10 reward tier for just the record) to folks that earned those. The shirts will be here soon and I’ll begin mailing out the $25 tier packages while we work on the prints. Once the prints are done, all will be mailed out (upon verification of the addresses – or delivery if I can). So a little more patience folks, and these will soon be yours!


Where Can I Buy One?!

I am queueing them up for sale via my Sean Neil Bandcamp page, so I’ll be making an announcement when those are ready but feel it’s important to get the majority of them mailed out to my awesome backers first.


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