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The WAIT….

I haven’t posted an update in a while, and that’s mainly due to the WAIT. However, there’s enough stuff to cobble together a pretty meaty update, so here we go! Test Pressings! In the very beginning of December I received the test pressings of the vinyl: I ordered 14 of them, and listened through every single one (the object here… Read more →

December to Remember!

2 big milestones this month! First off, I flew down to Austin for my holiday trip and was able to schedule some folks to come record backup vocals on the record. I got a couple of Maxwells in there (Stella & Urny) as well as my girlfriend’s mother, Cheri (this was way impromptu and I put her on the spot asking… Read more →

Please Don’t Make Me Go Out There

Let me start this by saying that it may or may not be a known fact that I have paralyzing stage fright. Most folks are really surprised when they hear that, and usually respond with the normal, “But you don’t look like it when you’re up there,” or “I couldn’t tell at all.” But I do. I don’t know where… Read more →