First Songs Handed Off to Mix

Well… It’s happening. I just handed off the first 3 songs for mixing. War to Fight, The Tragedy and the Comedy, and (the previously dropped-but-then-added-back-with-new-lyrics) Ghosts in My Machine. There was a last minute push to get John Stanford on the record. But I don’t think it’s going to happen and I’ll tell you why. John Stanford needed to be… Read more →

We Have a Deadline, People.

As we are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the start of recording my album, I have a new milestone to reach: the end of recording. It’s about as scary a thing as I can think of at this point. In August last year I began my first sessions tracking after buying my gear, getting beginning recording advice, and set… Read more →

Time For Mark

Let me start by saying I know that it’s awkward for me to ask someone to play drums or bass over my guitar playing (normally I’d have tracked drums first, then laid guitar to the rhythm section). But it’s yet again another moment of learning for me: As much pre-production as I thought I had, my vision for the album… Read more →

A Little Help From My Friend (Steve)

If there was one thing I knew from day one about this record, it was that it would benefit GREATLY from having my friend Steve Norman play on it. Steve plays pedal steel (amongst other instruments) for local radness Big Sur and I knew I needed him on my record, too. I talked him into coming into Conf-Blue last weekend,… Read more →

Such a long time (AKA hey, progress is progress)

Well, well, well…. look who finally has a post for everyone. Lots of things have happened since December. So let’s get to it, shall we? Doubling vocals When recording vocals, it’s sometimes a good idea to double the vocals to give you the opportunity to create a stereo vocal effect (naturally, without using a chorus plugin or anything like that) or… Read more →

December to Remember!

2 big milestones this month! First off, I flew down to Austin for my holiday trip and was able to schedule some folks to come record backup vocals on the record. I got a couple of Maxwells in there (Stella & Urny) as well as my girlfriend’s mother, Cheri (this was way impromptu and I put her on the spot asking… Read more →

This is who you are

SO NERVOUS TO POST THIS. This is a new song that you’ve never heard. I guess the first first version of it you will hear is a rough of it. Here’s  me playing around with an idea for some drums and bass: Read more →


Spent all last night working on editing the vocals for the title track for the album, “From Unknown.“ Tweaking and trying different things; trying not to tune the vocals much (they could use it in places but I’m trying to keep it as Au Naturel as possible. Going down that path could lead to picking at the wound I already… Read more →

Portlandia Vox

Once again, SO SORRY I’ve been so quiet. I promise, it’s not because I’ve been too busy to work on the record. Quite the opposite; I’ve actually been too busy working on the record to get any time to make a post. After a series of “learning opportunities” I have finished recording lead vocals for 9 of the currently planned… Read more →

Vocal Fun

Sorry it’s been so quiet on this front – hitting lead vocals heavy this week and this weekend. I’m thinking they’ll be complete by Monday of next week. Then I start bringing in other folks! I’m also making a trip to Texas in December (early-mid) for a week and will be getting some friends there to come in and sing… Read more →